Restaurant Outing: 180 Xurros & Xocolata


We recently decided to check out 180 Xurros & Xocolata on Broadway.   This is a little cafe that has espresso and a variety of xurros.  These are deep fried batter which you can get either plain with the dusting of sugar or filled with a variety of fillings.     

We tried the Banados with Chocolota and Lemon Curd as well as the Dulce de Leche and Crema Catalina Xurros.  There were a variety of treats to choose from and the cost was extremely reasonable.

   Deliciously crisp,  crunchy, and light,  that are not too sweet.   My favorite were the Banados.  The lemon curd is phenomenal. The staff was incredibly friendly and helpful.  This would be a great place to venture out to with your family.   I will definitely be going back for more.

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