Who we are

 We are two sisters who have a fun time planning menus and exploring different aspects of cooking.     We also were born and raise in Portland, Oregon and love our quirky town which we want to share with others.
Emily  is a mother of two grown girls and now a beautiful granddaughter.  My cooking experience has grown over the years.  Initially I did a lot of lemon chicken, pasta, and easy food fixes for my family.   That grew in leaps and bound with trying to find creative ways to cook for a vegetarian family.  Although, I still had meat and we ate fish it was a challenge.  I frequently find vegetarian twists to meat dishes and want to share that knowledge.  I also love to create either through cooking or crafting.
Rachel has two daughters who are still in school.  She likes to experiment and adapt recipes to her families tastes.
Our story about how we began thinking outside the box where cooking was concerned and sharing it with others  began during a conversation between my Sister, Dad, and myself. All of us cooked from home on a regular basis and we also had an overwhelming amount of magazines, clippings, and cookbooks. We decided to challenge ourselves with family cookoffs every couple of months. This was before the big cooking shows on TV so we had to come up with something original, We decided on picking a theme per cookoff. Rules were simple it had to fit the theme and it had to be a recipe you had not tried before. We ate, had some hit and misses and voted on the dishes. (The picture above is from an Oscar Challenge-Moulin Rouge my interpretation).
Through the years we have continued pushing ourselves with menu planning and trying new things. Years later Rachel and I want to share our recipe finds, menus, creativity,   and a little bit of Portland.
Emily and Rachel

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