City Outing: Portland Night Market

Portland Night Market


We recently went to a local event called Night Market.  This was a two day event that had 175+ vendors and a variety of food and drinks that only happens quarterly.  


Outside in a gated area they had several food carts and a bar.  A DJ played music while people sampled the different food options.The food choices were plentiful and we sampled:

Pip’s Original Donuts- always delicious, and don’t forget their chai.

Boke Bowl-Steamed buns with Mushrooms, so delicious.  I could eat this everyday for a year.

Tight Tacos- so good we’re looking to see where we can get there tacos again

Le Bistro Montage-Cajun Mac and Cheese which was rich and creamy.  They also had the best hush puppies I have tried.  

Kim Jong Grillin- we just had a beef kabob to snack on but it was very tender and yummy.

There were a variety of vendors specializing anywhere from clothes to local distilleries.  Expect a crowd, but it’s worth the fun.  We found a Gin distillery that we both bought from.   I saw some of the cutest planters not to mention a bunch of different food and drink options you could buy and take home.  This was a very entertaining event and I can’t wait for the next one.


For upcoming dates check Portland Night Market.


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