Taking a class in Needle Felting

Years ago I bought a ton of stuff to do Needle Felting.   Well, I tried, I stabbed myself, I ended up with a blob of wool that resembled a lint ball.   I stretched my instruction from the book I bought to you tube which was another big fail.   Recently though I found a place that taught classes, a cute little yarn shop called Twisted. They had classes on a variety of crafting as well as a class on needle felting.  I signed up and just finished the class.

The class was very insightful and I finally got more than a lint ball.   The instructor was helpful and answered any question we had.   It was a small group and very laid back.  For two hours I created my bunny.   The end results I have a bunny that looks a bit crazed and demonic but I am proud of it.  It is a beginning step to tackling the inspirations on my pinterest board.

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