Colorado Trip: Day 2 Denver to Grand Junction

We left early on Friday and spent the day driving to Grand Junction.  The drive is 4 hours if you don’t stop  but we stopped several times.  One of our favorite stops was Frisco.

This town was a lot of fun. Filled with stores and places to eat.  They had several consignment shops that we found items to repurpose.   If I came back to Colorado I would seriously think about staying here.

There was a Museum with a lot of small cabins that I think would have been a lot of fun to explore.  I did walk around it but didn’t do the full tour.

We also stopped in Glennwood Springs.   We saw these air trams and they didn’t look like they were moving to us but if you like heights what a way to see the town.   We were running out of time by the time we hit Glennwood Springs but this looked like a town you could get lost in exploring for a couple of days. The drive was absolutely beautiful and we arrived in Grand Junction had dinner and rested for the big event the next day.

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