Colorado Trip: Day 3 & 4 Grand Junction and Home Again

Saturday was Graduation Day.  It was a beautiful day to see Haley graduate.

My mom made Haley’s morterboard, she wanted a piece of Portland while walking across the stage.  I think she did a great job. It lit up.

After graduation we went to Bin Foodbar 707 to have a celebratory meal.

We had two appetizers which were a fried artichoke with aoili and fried cauliflower with a miso pesto sauce with burrata.  This was phenomenal, I could cuddle up on a couch and eat this all day.

They made a wonderful mint ice tea.  It was so good, I am going to try to replicate.  Everything about this restaurant was fabulous.  Service was exceptional and all of our meals were wonderful.

The rest of the day we spent walking main street.  I found some pieces to repurpose for our jewelry.  If you like antiques this is the place to to, they had a wide assortment and the prices were fair.    We called it a night early and went to bed.  Leaving Sunday we flew out early.  I will  say Denver Airport was interesting, I found it a little hard to navigate.  Overall our trip was a success, we only had a few Griswold moments the main one was going through security with a cinnamon roll but we made it.



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