Cook Off: Celebrity Recipes

We have game group on Sunday and we decided to do another cook off. The theme is Celebrity Recipes.

Here is our invite

Breaking News!!!
We have all at some time quickly scanned the gossip mags at the checkout stand, ahhhh come on just admit it!  Not only did these reveal the latest scandals, breakups and hookups but Emily and I also found the premise for our “Gossip Rag & Tag” menu.  Yes Rona Barrett, People, Star, Photoplay, etc. provided some juicy recipes from the stars.  Dishes from Frank Sinatra, Cher, Johnny Cash, Sophia Loren and others have graced their pages.  Just for fun our menu includes these stellar stars and their favorite dishes.

Cary Grant’s Barbecued Chicken
Walt Disney’s Macaroni and Cheese
Carmen Miranda’s Fruit Bowl
Loretta Lynn’s Peach Cobbler
(Disclaimer, the recipes provided by these stars have not been tested or sampled.  Any similarity to actual delicious food is purely coincidental.)

If you want to participate over the weekend.  Post you recipe in the comment section.


On another note for cookoffs we are doing one first week in June.  Theme is retro. Will post more the week of.

We love to hear feedback.

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