Monday Musings….

We love to find new things or interesting takes on ideas,. Here is our five favorite things of the week….

This Succulent Treasure Candy Box is a great gift idea for someone who loves plants.

I have been looking at homemade water fountains for my yard.  I have been wanting to buy one but not spend the money.  These look like good solutions.  My favorite is the teapot one.

This Food Jar would be great for my teenage daughter who does not want hot lunch from the school. She could take her own from home with this jar that keeps food hot for 8 hours.

Here are some Easy Homemade Pest Control Recipes for your gardens.

I have a couple of the these Vintage Caddy Barware sets but ran across this one, loving it would be fun to put on table at a barbecue with ice tea.

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