Gardening Pots with a Twist

I love taking items I have or find and create a different take on a gardening pot.   Thought I would share a few from my backyard that I have fixed up.

This is my blue head beer keg planter.   I received the blue head at a white elephant Christmas party and put twinkle lights that are battery operated inside so it looks like a glowing alien at night.  The  base is a keg I filled with soil and planted succulents which have just taken off and are working beautifully.

My Groot planter is actually a popcorn tub I got at Guardians of the Galaxy 2.  Drilled a couple holes and planted chives.

I actually bought this faucet pale one.  It is so fun I had to share.   Have any unique pots you have put together, would love to see.

Mothers Day: Handmade Ideas

With Mother’s Day on May 13th.  We thought we would highlight some great handmade personal ideas we found browsing the internet.

These are adorable for a tea lover, Tea bag sachets.

These DIY face planters are sweet and would bring a smile to any mothers face.

I love this idea a Mothers Day Cube made with pictures  of your family.

Every Mother would lover a bouquet, but here is one you can share all summer long.

Mothers Day mini album, this would be such a great addition to her coffee table to share with friends.

52 things I love about you card stack, I have seen this before and thought it was very sweet.

Garden markers, I love these flyswatter ones that you can make.

Making jewelry with repurposed items

I have been collaborating with my mom making repurposed jewelry.  This has been a fun venture for a couple reasons.  I have been enjoying looking through detash and finding other unlikely items to make a piece.  I like spending time with my mom and this is a good way to do that plus bounce ideas off one another.


Lastly I am pleasantly surprised with the finished product.

These old wood buttons are stunning (left).  We put them with Chalcedony and green Swarovski Crystals.


I found these sequined balls in a detash pile and thought they would make a fun pair of earrings.


One of the funnest pieces we put together was this 9 crescent black and rhinestone cat necklace.  I took an broach and typewriter key to assemble.


The metal rhinestone is from an old bracelet that was broken. It is linked with the chain and just goes over your head.

Taking a class in Needle Felting

Years ago I bought a ton of stuff to do Needle Felting.   Well, I tried, I stabbed myself, I ended up with a blob of wool that resembled a lint ball.   I stretched my instruction from the book I bought to you tube which was another big fail.   Recently though I found a place that taught classes, a cute little yarn shop called Twisted. They had classes on a variety of crafting as well as a class on needle felting.  I signed up and just finished the class.

The class was very insightful and I finally got more than a lint ball.   The instructor was helpful and answered any question we had.   It was a small group and very laid back.  For two hours I created my bunny.   The end results I have a bunny that looks a bit crazed and demonic but I am proud of it.  It is a beginning step to tackling the inspirations on my pinterest board.

Robot Takeover and Art Show

Mini Robots

Craft day with our family and friends is something we plan several times a year. Typically everyone brings their latest project, along with some tasty treats and lots of advice, humor and inspiration. Together we have explored knitting, decoupage, scrapbooking, assembled jewelry, robots and more.  This is a great way to bounce ideas off one another and find some help when we are stuck on a project.   Mom has been working on her robot and repurposed creations for a show so today we wanted to  highlight them today.


From time to time we will be sharing some of our latest creations.

Welcome to my whimsical land of bits and pieces, repurposed vintage and miscellaneous pieces of this and that. Robo’s, robits, and animal planters are just a few of the items on its way to the Buckman Art Show this weekend.