Monday Musings…

We love to find new things or interesting takes on ideas,. Here is our five favorite things of the week….

I’ve been reading about these Anti-aging Jade Rollers, and would like to try one to see if they really work.

There is just something about retro clocks that I love.  This red alarm clock would look very nice by my bed.

This looks like so much fun an insect picnic, a ton of recipes to look at.

DIY No Sew Fabric Chalkboard Placemats, I think these are a great idea and planning to make some.

I don’t think I would wear this myself but they these Steampunk Alien Pendants are so cute I would want to buy one as a gift for someone.


Restaurant Outing: 442 Soccer Bar

We ventured out the for the Brazil game last week wanting to be surrounded by others who enjoy watching the World Cup.  We went to 442 Soccer Bar on 1739 SE Hawthorne.

This bar is full of soccer memorabilia, TV’s and fans. They have a full menu of European food, particularly Bosnian.  I had the Sudjuk and Kajmak which is made on their house specialty bread called lupina.   This is a sandwich with  Imported spicy Bosnian sausage and a  creamy cheese spread.  Was delicious.

The whole atmosphere for this bar is laid back and full off soccer spirit.   We had a great time chatting with other fans and watching a really good game. Even if you are not a soccer fan this place is worth checking out just for the food alone.

Monday Musings….

We love to find new things or interesting takes on ideas,. Here is our five favorite things of the week….

This Succulent Treasure Candy Box is a great gift idea for someone who loves plants.

I have been looking at homemade water fountains for my yard.  I have been wanting to buy one but not spend the money.  These look like good solutions.  My favorite is the teapot one.

This Food Jar would be great for my teenage daughter who does not want hot lunch from the school. She could take her own from home with this jar that keeps food hot for 8 hours.

Here are some Easy Homemade Pest Control Recipes for your gardens.

I have a couple of the these Vintage Caddy Barware sets but ran across this one, loving it would be fun to put on table at a barbecue with ice tea.

World Cup Starts Today

World cup starts today, a lot of games will be played and only one will reign the winner.   We went to the World Cup when it was in Brazil and it was one of the most fun events I have attended.   This year while watching from home and maybe a few of the bars showing the World Cup, I want to challenge myself and try and plan my menu or meal around who is playing that day.

So far I have planned, we will see how these turn out.  I am having fun finding recipes that will work.  Hopefully by the time World Cup is done I will have tried several dishes from all over the world.

Saudi Arabia-Al Kabsa (Saudi Rice and Chicken)

Spain-Spinach Tortellini Soup

Egypt-Basbousa (Egyptian Almond Coconut Semolina Yogurt Cake)

Australia-Mushroom Breakfast Tarts

Iceland-Icelandic Rye Bread

Denmark-Danish Split Pea soup with dill

Germany-German Potato Salad

Switzerland-Honey and Thyme Grilled fish

England-Deviled Egg Sandwiches

Belgium-Belgian Fries

Tunsia-Cucumber Salad


If you want to join along, post  your recipes in the comments.

Craft Day

Today I am getting together with my mom and Aunts to look at new ideas to craft.  I have been fairly active lately working on jewelry and wanted to share a few pieces I am working on and have completed.

This one I am still working on but used a large patina leaf with a dragonfly, copper chain and doing a beading of these beautiful green gold beads.

This big chunky gold chain with a blue druzy pendant.

This is two necklaces.  First one is an opaque seashell with opaque beads on a silver chain.  The second is a silver chain a tassel that I added some beads and silver findings too.