Oscar Party Recap and Cookoff

Every year we do an Oscar party.   We have been doing this as long as I can remember.  We have family and friends join us and always a contest the ballot contest.  Whoever gets the most wins.  This year we also had a cooking challenge.  The challenge was to cook a dish inspired from any nominated film in a year ending with an 8.     We also did a match the film to the dish contest.   Here is the dishes and films, see how many you get right:

We started off the night with the Colony Cocktail which represented Thoroughly Modern Millie.

All of the dishes were really good but we still had to vote and declare a winner.  The winner was this Butter Chicken Dish served with rice from Slumdog Millionaire made by Rachel.   We thought we would share the game winning recipe.

Our adopted sister Pam made Chicken Fried Rice for Last Emperor.




I did a Rosemary and Garlic Roast Beef paying tribute to Titanic.


Mom did a hash brown casserole for Farmer’s Daughter.


I made a rustic bread for Camelot and had the butter churner out for guests to make their own butter.

Rachel did a Potato Gratin Dish for The Martian.

The food was delicious and mostly all gone by mid Oscars.  We then moved on to desserts.

The most festive was Moms.  She did a Lemon Curd Padawan Cake for Star Wars.   The light saber and the planes lit up. Rachel’s coconut pie is next too it, I didn’t get a good picture.

I did a Lemon Blueberry Cake with a Lemon Zest Butter Cream frosting for Marie Antoinette.

One of the better Oscar parties we have had.


Vintage Finds – Old Games

I belong to a game group that gets together periodically and we play games.   I recently went out thrift store hunting and found a few games that looked like a lot of fun and something new to try at game group.

One of the funnest finds was a Kismet and Spill and Spell combo game.   I am  a fan of both so this is  one I am looking forward to playing.


I have been collecting Bookcase games which are really fun.  I found one I had not seen before called Word Power.   I am excited to try this one but am going to have to read directions to figure it out.

This Go For Broke game looks to be so much fun.  The pieces inside are wood and looks like a monopoly type game.

The best find though was this treasure I am saving for our white elephant gift exchange.  Unopened it is Festive Play That Tune with Kazoos.   I can’t wait and this will be sure to bring some laughs.