Restaurant Outing: 442 Soccer Bar

We ventured out the for the Brazil game last week wanting to be surrounded by others who enjoy watching the World Cup.  We went to 442 Soccer Bar on 1739 SE Hawthorne.

This bar is full of soccer memorabilia, TV’s and fans. They have a full menu of European food, particularly Bosnian.  I had the Sudjuk and Kajmak which is made on their house specialty bread called lupina.   This is a sandwich with  Imported spicy Bosnian sausage and a  creamy cheese spread.  Was delicious.

The whole atmosphere for this bar is laid back and full off soccer spirit.   We had a great time chatting with other fans and watching a really good game. Even if you are not a soccer fan this place is worth checking out just for the food alone.

Restaurant Outing: Circa 33

Circa 33 is located on 34th and Belmont.  This cozy restaurant packs a punch in ambiance and menu choices.    The restaurant has a 1920’s feel while playing retro music in the background.  A relaxed atmosphere welcomes you as soon as you sit down.  The bad is floor to top stocked with options, then there is the food.

We tried the deviled eggs which were one of the best I have ever had.  They also had a stuffed mushrooms that were savory and melted in your mouth.  The whole experience was wonderful and we will be returning again and again.  They have a brunch that I want to try that looks phenomenal.  The restaurant hosts several events one of which was a prohibition party that I thought sounded wonderful.   Excellent service and a unique treat in Portland.

Restaurant Outing: 24th and Meatballs


24th and Meatballs is a fast paced restaurant where you pick what type of meatballs, sauce and what you want them on. A simple  1 2 3 in choice selection and you have created your dish.

The meatballs are very flavorful and spicy. This is a great option for a quick Italian meal without having to go to a fancy restaurant.  The garlic bread is sinful, just wonderful and garlicky just the way a good garlic bread should be. 

We went to the location on 23rd and Glisan.  A cozy little restaurant that knocks it out of the park in selection.  They also have vegan and vegetarian options so there is something for everyone.


There are 2 other locations also, check them out at