Restaurant Outing: Three Doors Down

Three Doors Down is one of my favorite restaurants in Portland.   This place has had a lot of food firsts for me.  The first time I tried a scallop was several years ago with a peach sauce, it was buttery and one of the most delicious dishes I have tried.

Everything I have tried has been delicious.  We got the burrata, tomato, basil bruschetta which was like a bite of heaven.  They have a wide variety of options for main dishes including pasta options.  I tend to gravitate towards their cocoa-coffee pork dish because I like their potatoes.

Full menu, terrific hosts, and a must try if you are wanting to have an intimate dinner.


Located on

1429 SE 37th Ave, Portland

503.236.6886 / Reservations

Restaurant Outing: The Zipper

The Zipper is an indoor/outdoor food cart located on 2705 NE Sandy Blvd in Portland.  Inside there is an assortment of foods,  We sampled Basilisk which had these scrumptious chicken sandwiches.   They were moist and the fries were just the way we like them.   The other restaurants included pizza, full bar, middle eastern, and one that had banana pudding.  ( we sampled that too.)

We like the whole layout of this.  It was kid friendly, if you want to sit outside pet friendly.   It was warm and welcoming.  Definitely going back.

Restaurant Outing: The Sweet Hereafter

We recently decided to try The Sweet Hereafter which is a vegetarian with vegan options bar.  They have an extensive menu with full bar.  The decor is welcoming and warm with the nostalgia and wood decor.

We ordered the Antipasto platter which had baguettes, miso chive cheese, pickled onions, rosemary almonds, and hummus.   The miso chive cheese was delicious, I could have just had that and been in heaven.

Great prices, wonderful choice of cocktails.  Definitely a place to check out if out and about.  Located on 3326 SE Belmont in Portland.

Restaurant Outing: Apna Chat Bhavan

Apna Chat Bhavan which is located in Beaverton, Oregon.  

This is a fast casual restaurant inside an Indian food store.  When you walk in the fragrance from the Indian food hits you immediately.   The menu is extensive but we chose the Thali plate both the vegetarian and meat options.  This is only served du

ring the weekday.   The Thali plate gives a sampling of a few curries, rice, dessert and breads.     Be ready for some spicy food, the yogurt dish included will help cool your mouth off. 



Once you are done eating there is a huge supermarket with a wonderful bakery that you can peruse.  Prices were very fair and I would definitely make a day of going to eat there and get some groceries at the same time.



Restaurant Outing: Midpoint

Midpoint is one of our favorite breakfast spots.    Located off of 52nd and Powell, it is a small little cafe filled with quirky decor and an elevated home cooking feel.


On our most recent outing my husband enjoyed their Red Eye Flight.  The Red Eye Flight is made with Mono on rocks, served with shots of bloody Mary mix, grapefruit and orange juice.

Their menu has a variety of options and they do have a lunch menu that is really good.  They make a fabulous fork mashed potatoes that are one of my favorite takes on breakfast potatoes.


After taking a peruse of the specials I had the Granola French Toast with a blueberry compote.  This was phenomenal.  It was sweet and the granola kicks the french toast up a notch

.   They also have excellent coffee which is a must for morning outings in our household.  Highly recommend.