Review: Cat-Opoly

I picked up Cat – Opoly when I saw it online.  As a game lover and part of a game group I knew this is one we had to try.   The game is very much like Monopoly but with different breeds of cats and kitty kerfuffles that create wins and losses in your bank.  The little game pieces are adorable. The cards do have fun little facts about the different breeds.

Whimsical twist on Monopoly.  The only criticism I would have is because it was the first time playing we did spend a lot of time figuring out what each section was and we did not get away with pretending we were not there when rent was due as much.   You can find this on Amazon or any of the retail stores.

Restaurant Outing: 24th and Meatballs


24th and Meatballs is a fast paced restaurant where you pick what type of meatballs, sauce and what you want them on. A simple  1 2 3 in choice selection and you have created your dish.

The meatballs are very flavorful and spicy. This is a great option for a quick Italian meal without having to go to a fancy restaurant.  The garlic bread is sinful, just wonderful and garlicky just the way a good garlic bread should be. 

We went to the location on 23rd and Glisan.  A cozy little restaurant that knocks it out of the park in selection.  They also have vegan and vegetarian options so there is something for everyone.


There are 2 other locations also, check them out at

Restaurant Outing: The Sweet Hereafter

We recently decided to try The Sweet Hereafter which is a vegetarian with vegan options bar.  They have an extensive menu with full bar.  The decor is welcoming and warm with the nostalgia and wood decor.

We ordered the Antipasto platter which had baguettes, miso chive cheese, pickled onions, rosemary almonds, and hummus.   The miso chive cheese was delicious, I could have just had that and been in heaven.

Great prices, wonderful choice of cocktails.  Definitely a place to check out if out and about.  Located on 3326 SE Belmont in Portland.

Review: Clear Bowl Covers

Norpro makes these festive fruit bowl covers.  They remind me of the old shower caps. These bowl covers are super convenient for covering bowls in a hurry.  Would be great for outdoor potlucks when you don’t want bugs flying around your food.  Easy to use and you can clean them in your dishwasher.  We found these at a local store, New Seasons, but you can also purchase them through Amazon.

Restaurant Outing: Apna Chat Bhavan

Apna Chat Bhavan which is located in Beaverton, Oregon.  

This is a fast casual restaurant inside an Indian food store.  When you walk in the fragrance from the Indian food hits you immediately.   The menu is extensive but we chose the Thali plate both the vegetarian and meat options.  This is only served du

ring the weekday.   The Thali plate gives a sampling of a few curries, rice, dessert and breads.     Be ready for some spicy food, the yogurt dish included will help cool your mouth off. 



Once you are done eating there is a huge supermarket with a wonderful bakery that you can peruse.  Prices were very fair and I would definitely make a day of going to eat there and get some groceries at the same time.