Monday Musings….

We love to find new things or interesting takes on ideas,. Here is our five favorite things of the week….

This Succulent Treasure Candy Box is a great gift idea for someone who loves plants.

I have been looking at homemade water fountains for my yard.  I have been wanting to buy one but not spend the money.  These look like good solutions.  My favorite is the teapot one.

This Food Jar would be great for my teenage daughter who does not want hot lunch from the school. She could take her own from home with this jar that keeps food hot for 8 hours.

Here are some Easy Homemade Pest Control Recipes for your gardens.

I have a couple of the these Vintage Caddy Barware sets but ran across this one, loving it would be fun to put on table at a barbecue with ice tea.

Outing: A Vintage Flea in Aurora Oregon

Last Friday we went to A Vintage Flea Market in Aurora, Oregon at Margie’s Farm & Garden.  For $10  you get early admission, 2 drink tickets for beer, wine, or soda and they had a table full of food.   They had live music, the singer was wonderful.  Then you get to peruse the booths, these are filled with vintage finds.   I found a Frankoma double sided gravy boat that I am in love with.  I also found a really sweet cat creamer.

Half of the room is the vintage and the other half the nursery.   The plants were gorgeous and I picked up a few things for our backyard.  Prices at the event were very fair and we will definitely be going to their next event. Worth checking out.

Wrens Nest Spring Sale

One more day until the show begins, here is a preview of some of the items I saw while looking around.  Come visit us tomorrow .

New and old pieces

Cast iron kettle with cactus

Handmade goatsmilk soap

Wood burned usable utensils hand decorated, bamboo

handmade embroidered and decorated linens

Vintage goods


Hand made gift bags

Repurposed jewelry

Outdoor items

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Wrens Nest Spring Sale

Making jewelry with repurposed items

I have been collaborating with my mom making repurposed jewelry.  This has been a fun venture for a couple reasons.  I have been enjoying looking through detash and finding other unlikely items to make a piece.  I like spending time with my mom and this is a good way to do that plus bounce ideas off one another.


Lastly I am pleasantly surprised with the finished product.

These old wood buttons are stunning (left).  We put them with Chalcedony and green Swarovski Crystals.


I found these sequined balls in a detash pile and thought they would make a fun pair of earrings.


One of the funnest pieces we put together was this 9 crescent black and rhinestone cat necklace.  I took an broach and typewriter key to assemble.


The metal rhinestone is from an old bracelet that was broken. It is linked with the chain and just goes over your head.

Vintage Finds – Old Games

I belong to a game group that gets together periodically and we play games.   I recently went out thrift store hunting and found a few games that looked like a lot of fun and something new to try at game group.

One of the funnest finds was a Kismet and Spill and Spell combo game.   I am  a fan of both so this is  one I am looking forward to playing.


I have been collecting Bookcase games which are really fun.  I found one I had not seen before called Word Power.   I am excited to try this one but am going to have to read directions to figure it out.

This Go For Broke game looks to be so much fun.  The pieces inside are wood and looks like a monopoly type game.

The best find though was this treasure I am saving for our white elephant gift exchange.  Unopened it is Festive Play That Tune with Kazoos.   I can’t wait and this will be sure to bring some laughs.